We seek opportunities to acquire commercial loans and senior living investments that optimize asset selection, asset pricing/return, portfolio construction and bid dynamics.

The firm focuses on complex, replicable transactions that provide us with a competitive advantage and scalability.

Stillwater Asset Management Strategies

Appropriately Balanced

SAM seeks investments in loans that are appropriately balanced between real estate collateral support and cash yield to mitigate potential downside risk and achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Scope of Opportunities

Our deep credit experience broadens the scope of opportunities we can pursue, underwrite, and manage through disposition.

Full Spectrum

The firm’s targets include the full spectrum of performance and asset classes in the market domestically.

Commercial Loans

Our investments include commercial loans secured by diverse collateral such as commercial real estate, business assets, equipment, agriculture, and specialty real estate. Loans range from performing to non-performing while the underlying obligors and collateral are located across the United States.

Senior Living

Senior living investments include acquisitions of debt and real estate of private pay senior living communities.

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